Sunday, December 14, 2008

I worked all day yesterday

It was really windy.

We were at (redacted) I.S.D.s San Antonio's newest sporting complex at the old Quarry. We were drilling holes for parking lot lights.

Kind of like a reverse norther, the wind was out of the south and getting warmer. I was watching a *HUGE* Texas flag flying almost constantly straight out. It was about a mile away and still looked as big as the flag at Lundquist Chevy dealership. I took a picture with the phone, but even at the highest resolution I could get, all you could see were the construction trailers and the handicapped sports field behind them. I knew it wouldn't look the same as I was seeing it, but didn't think the flag would be almost unseeable.

Funny how cameras work that way.

I'm off for the week. I spent today making Karens present and working on the right size form to bend wire for my experimental conduit bending form.
I still don't know why there aren't any out in the field.
It's such a simple idea that's been around in pressure controls forever.
It's simple, cheap enough that when it gets run over or buried, it's no big deal.
I mean someone must have though to stiffen hot conduit so it didn't kink on them...or deform under it's own weight instead of throwing away the ten or fifteen that were ruined at $18 a stick.

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