Sunday, May 27, 2007

So,,,,,,is evolution bad now?

You know the theory.

The plants and animals (including humans) change in response to their environment.
If the environment changes, then the flora and fauna change or become extinct.

-OR is it just a nice theory to rebut the biblical explanation of Genesis?

Now we have global warming alarmists from the Arctic and the tropics coming together to make noise and complain about the sun forcing change on their lives.

I'm sure that the Icelanders(?)and the rest of Europe would have gone to the U.N. back in the what? 8th century when the Little Ice Age covered their villages and starved thousands. But they got over it.
Too bad AlGore and his acolytes decided to make a pile of money on this Chimera.
Now we have to hear even MORE whining about how bad America is treating the rest of the world....because George Bush sekritly is making the sum hotter with Cheny's weather control ray.

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