Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I see that this *not an* Amnesty bill has background checks

That is, if the newly LEGALIZED 15 - 20 million want to bother applying.
I mean, as soon as El Presidente Boosh signs the bill they're fat and happy ,,,and LEGAL- along with ALL the kinfolk they'll import for the next round of *not* amnesty.

The new Z-visa would give the Gov't one working day to do a background check, and then give them- anyone who applies- a Free ride if it doesn't find a problem with them. Or if they don't even check.

If that's so good, let's apply it to guns. I don't see why the Anti-Gun groups would have a problem applying the same standards to American Citizens ....who actually HAVE authentic to someone who's first act was to break our laws, and probably engage in identity theft too.

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