Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today America celebrates a holiday that was imported from a third world country, because they are either too lazy, or stupid to assimilate in America. Just days after they took to the streets DEMANDING their civil rights. I guess, since they didn't DO anything to earn them, they gained the right through osmosis.

We have the MSM talking about this wonderful holiday, and what it means to America (WTF?) and how to celebrate it. Yahoo has their little Cinco de Mayo gif on their home page.

Naturally, seeing money to be made, Hallmark came out with a line of C.d.M, cards.
I wonder if they're in English? So we have more people celebrating C.d.M. than we do Veterans Day.


I wonder when El Presidente Booosh is going to declare it an American holliday,,,,since the Mexicans are doing the celebration the Americans don't.

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