Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Can you believe a Democrat came up with this?

A nice little political game
But I'll play it.

One of the members of the Texas Leg. has put forth a bill to suspend the Texas .20/gal state tax for the summer in order to give their citizens a break. And the house voted to approve it! Not ALL of our Dems here in Texas are complete Communists.

Ok, I'll go for it.
I know it won't get passed, just like the one last year didn't get passed.
Can't give up that free money, ya know.
Besides it's only .20/gal... which is only an extra 5.20 out of Kurt's wallet when he fills his tank up twice (or three times) a week. Plus the 3.80 each of the three times Karen fill her truck.
Yeah, Kurt and Karen don't need that $20 bill every week, besides WE know how to spend it better than them.

Chit, they'd probably use it to put MORE gas in their trucks instead of spending $18 million on rehabbing ONE rest stop on I-10.

Ohh, as long as we're talking about Texans and money here.
I hope none of y'all left any personal information last time you were in
EZ Pawn.
If you did, you REALLY need to check your accounts...

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