Saturday, May 19, 2007

The "Foodstamp Challenge"!

Gee, how could I have missed the fact that last week was "Food stamp Awareness Week"?

Maybe it was because I was looking at everyone in D.C. tripping over themselves to find a way to reward 12- 20 million criminals?

Any way the challenge was to live on a food stamp budget for one week- I guess.

If they think it's bad now, just wait until El Presidente Boosh signs the bill making them ALL eligible for EVERY governmental program available.

I'm going to break this into two parts, first the Food stamps and then the immigration thing.

As far as Food stamps go, If they have kids they're already getting FREE breakfast and lunch. Sometimes after school feeding, too.
Not to mention all the other Gov't subsidies that I don't even know about...Section 8, WIC, utility assistance, Food banks, Gov't surplus food, caseworkers that know how to game the credit card/financial system...

Need I say more? Of course you're not going to live like a king, you're also not going to be shrivelling away into a bag of bones either.

Going on to the newest pandering-to-the-Mexican bill.
Unless you're a complete mouth breathing imbecile, you KNOW that the illegals won't bother to jump through the hoops to become citizens.
Why should they?
As soon as Bush signs the bill, all they have to do (and the tsunami coming the next week) is show a bill with their name on it and be a legal resident.
Eligible for every government social welfare program in existence- and even more to follow...because they're special, ya know. Gotta keep Mexico happy.

Karen and the girls have their green cards now. We did it the legal way. We jumped through the hoops and paid around $2500- $3000 for them all. We put up with the restrictions, and the documentation Bravo Sierra. It took about three years all together- now she takes the citizenship test, pays the fee and becomes one of our latest citizens....before Nov. '08.
So did every other LEGAL immigrant that wants to call America home.
OH, and we did it while paying income tax AND Social Security, too! How about them apples- LULAC?

There has been the Mexican immigration assistance family unification visa since Ronaldus Magnus made his amnesty mistake back in 1986. There was also supposed to be employer sanctions that never were enforced.

So tell me, aside from making 12- 20 million criminals legal (and breaking the budget in the process), is ANYTHING going to change.....for the better?


If and when this gets signed into law, say goodby to America as a first world country and hello to the graft and corruption of our newest majority.

I'll ad that the Republican Party will most likely cease to exist before the 2008 elections, too.

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