Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Is ther e ANYTHING besides Miami in S.E. Florida?

I mean the greater Miami area, all 15 miles deep and 60 miles long.

I just got offed a utility locate job there for $28.50/hr, so I figured buy an RV and rent a spot.
Except that all the RV parks I could find are in the city- somewhere, and they want an average of $650/mo lot rent.
I don't want to BUY the d@mmed thang! That's what the lower end of apartments are going for.
I'd buy an RV and locate it out in the swamp wetlands, but I can't find anything west of Miami in commuting distance.

They have an opening in Seattle, too- but that has an actual winter.
And the housing costs are out the roof there, too.
And it's full of Libs.

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