Sunday, May 13, 2007

Help them overthrow their British overlords

Yes, the islamists who are flooding into Great Britain are throwing a riot protest over at #10 Downing St. because of their draconian ,,,,,,,ummmm....freedoms.

You know, the freedom to be "offended" by everything that can be a weapon in their religious dominance their adopted country has to offer.

They're opressed by manmade laws based on Biblical principles- as opposed to say,,,stoning a rape victim to death because she had the terminity to get raped.

Oppressed by the freedom to protest against what the majority believe, and NOT be prosicuted for that.

Just watch this video on Britains' repression.


Ohh,,,,,,did anyone notice the silloette of our Abu Graib poster boy girl in the poster that I stole from Rusty?

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