Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gawd, aren't I lucky

I've been selected to preview the "NEWEST" and "MOST IMPROVED" version of e-bay motors.
It sucks!
It's not easy to actually *find* what you're looking for.

They include the menu at the top of EVERY frigging page.
You can't click on say an SUV icon and expect to actually go to the page that SELLS them, it takes you to a page TELLING you about them.

You have to copy and past what you want to look at in the search bar.
Then, does it take you where you want to go?
NO! It takes you to a page that sells frigging EVERYTHING with the search word in it.

And you keep going through the frigging options untill you FINALLY get to where you want to go. Almost...

Gahhhh,,,,,if I wanted another set of monthly payments, I'd go to buy one from a dealer...but that's another set of hassels, isn't it?

I guess the new e-bay isn't so bad in comparison to car salesmen, after all.

I just looked at the laptop and got a lot BIGGER selection than this one, you'd think that the data base would be the same at least, wouldn't you?

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