Wednesday, April 11, 2007

They're STILL getting my money?

I was looking at this article about the Liberal Anti-tolerance shown at the UTSA campus today.
Chris Simcox was speaking when the ever so tolerant Left was trying to shout him down with their everpresent lies and misrepresentations.
I didn't know the Klan was patrolling the borders back in the '70s? they musta got stuck in their robes, because there were so mant illegals here in the early 80's that Ronaldo Maximus made one of his few mistakes by giving them amnesty.

But anyway, as I was looking for the money quote I saw on TV, I saw this 'feel bad' article about the Nawlines sponges living in Texas being evicted because FEMA was late with their rent.
It's been, what? 18 months since Katrina?
And they're STILL not back on their feet? WTF is wrong with those people? Are they even working? How long are the taxpayers going to be squeezed to pay for those slackers?

I know I haven't had anything new, but ya don't really feel like posting after eating a chit sandwith, ya know....

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