Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Looks like the chicken's coming home to roost

Ok, someone got the bright idea to tax alcohol and tobacco because it was bad for you, and almost nobody said anything.
Because if you did, you'd be in favor of people doing what was bad for them (yawn, ,,and others).

So we got the increasingly draconian Sin Tax on alcohol and tobacco, and other 'bad things'.

Guess what? Now they're going along a predictable branch of that path, in taxing unhealthy drink choices.

Like Sugary Soda Pop and chocolate. I know what'll be coming next..."Ohhh the poor can't afford that tax, and they don't know how to shop healthy", so drop the sugar tax and find a way to soak the rich some more.

It's a slippery slope, these Liberals societal engineers are on; where do you draw the line on bad food, drink, expression (Imus/Hymytown Jackson), actions, or witch hunts , and the ever more blurry line of acceptable ,,,whatever?
Does it depend on race? Skin color? Some arbitrary dietitian with an axe to grind against some food she hates? The whiff of cigarette smoke, while some @sshole gets away with damaging everyones' hearing within a 5 block radius?

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