Sunday, April 29, 2007

Thanks Libs

And the enviro-Nazis that you love.

Gas prices are going through the roof.
You got the mandatory ethanol added to gas.

Now the price of corn is going through the roof, and so is meat- because YOU caused the corn shortage.

Now, remind me again---WHO is for the 'little guy"?

I can't even find a P.O.S. small truck for under $2500 that I'd think of buying.

Thanks for making keeping us so reliant on volatile foreign oil supplies.

Everyone who isn't independently wealthy -or on some kind of government subsidy really appreciates how well you're looking out for us.

...And speaking if Libs having their heads completely up their @sses...
The y want to outlaw using safe, effective and cheap incandescent light bulbs in favor of the minutely more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

The are a lot more expensive just to buy, and the energy savings over the life might break even with incandescent.

Except if you break one. Then it'll cost about $2000 U.S. in clean-up costs, plus all the extra energy burned to have all the hazmat equipment come to your house, AND completely refurnishing your daughters room because of the mercury poisoning.

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