Friday, April 27, 2007

So I'm hearing about the foiled Saudi oilfield attack

Planned by Al Quaida...using planes to attack Saudi oil fields.

Which naturally jacked up the price of oil. But, so would King Abdullah farting wrong.

Anyway, I'm wondering if El Presidante Booosh (in the midst of kissing Mexican @ss) can't use his current unpopularity with the Dems to just say "DRILL!"
Because we have plenty of known reserves in the contiguoius United States that aren't being used because the eco Nazis self loathing Libs Communistic Democrats self sacrificing naturalists that make up the Left want unspoiled wilderness that NOBODY (except petroleum engineers) will ever see.
Because protecting a postage size spot in a boundless expance is more important than cheap less expensive and abundant oil that's not held hostage by their Islamo-fasceist co-plotters.

And most importantly, they (the Left) can't hate him any more for helping the 'poor' by lowereing their fuel bills.



Except that they have Huey down in Venezuala to do that for them, don't they?

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