Tuesday, April 17, 2007


You're serious?

I mean You've known about what's happening in Darfur for almost 5 years, and only now you're going to "quickly" start getting your chit together to try to get an American armed force together to help the African Union?

Ban called the agreement "a very positive sign," and Konare said he was "delighted" that issues over the "heavy support package" had finally been resolved.

The secretary-general said the U.N. will consult with the Sudanese government and expects Khartoum "to urgently provide the land and other facilities necessary for the deployment of the heavy support package, including permission to explore for water," U.N. spokeswoman Michele Montas said.

Ban urged all countries to contribute troop and police quickly for Darfur,
but it likely will take months before the U.N. contingent is on the ground because the U.N. has no standing army and must rely on the goodwill of its 192 member states.

Konare stressed that the African Union needs international funding to keep its troops in Darfur.

"Let's be honest, without any sustainable financing, all this operation might not be as successful as expected," he said.

Britain's U.N. Ambassador Emyr Jones Parry, the current Security Council president, said he sent a letter to the secretary-general late Monday on behalf of the council asking Ban to seek General Assembly approval to fund the U.N. share of the heavy support package.

But Guehenno, the U.N. undersecretary-general for peacekeeping, said the AU will also need help from donors because it will be "several months" before the heavy support package can deploy.

He said it is also "critical" that two additional African Union battalions arrive in Darfur quickly to help provide "a minimum of security" for deployment of the 3,000 U.N. peacekeepers.
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Good frigging grief- and these clowns want to control the world?
And Khartoum is, like part of the problem anyway, isn't it?
Seems like i remember something about them not doing anything to stop the Christian massacres when they first started, and then stonewalling when anyone even suggested they do something.

and the "extra security" from an almost benkrupt African Union, so they won't have to actually fire their weapons at armed men? Come on.

Well, I hpoe the unarmed Christians that have been on the recieving end of the U.N.s nonhelp all these years know not to protest against the bribry and sexual abuse from the U.N. peacekeepers, since that's when they know to shoot for effect.

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