Saturday, April 21, 2007

I *KNEW* I'd find it in there, somewhere

All I had to do was finish this article to find it.

So, you get a Chinese couch with a lable translated from Chinese -using a Chinese translation program- and it has an offensive word in it.
And it was a mistake, that had already been corrected.
What do you do?

Huang said Kingsoft has worked to correct the translation error. In the 2007 version, typing "dark brown" in Chinese does not produce the racial slur in English. But if the offensive term is typed in English, the Chinese translation is "dark brown," he said.

Moore is consulting with a lawyer and wants compensation. Last week, she filed a report with the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

Commission spokeswoman Afroze Edwards said the case is in the initial stages and could take six months to two years to resolve.

Moore, 30, has three young children, and said the issue has taken a toll on her family.

"Something more has to be done. We don't just need a personal apology, but someone needs to own up to where these labels were made, and someone needs to apologize to all people of color," Moore said. "I had friends over from St. Lucia yesterday and they wouldn't sit on the couch."

Lady, you ought to try being a white male Christian- you're fair game for everyone and have no defenders.

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