Monday, April 02, 2007

Poor Corey Glass

He is missing his family terribly because of circumstances involved in his military service.
The circumstances oddly enough are because he's in Canada, trying to attain refugee status from the U.S. as a draft dodger deserter. Because of Americas illegal war, ya know. His lawyer is the draft dodger.

He's not in the "real" Army, he joined the National Guard in 2003 because it was "a humanitarian organization".

Glass has been in Toronto since August following seven months of hiding. He went AWOL from the army during a two-week leave to return home.

He had joined the National Guard in Indiana four years ago under the impression he would be filling sand bags and helping guard U.S. soil. Instead, he was sent to Iraq, a war he says he couldn't fight with a clear conscience.

"I'm kind of mad," Glass said outside the closed-door hearing. "I signed up for what I thought was a humanitarian organization, the National Guard."

Glass set up computer and telephone systems before leaving for Iraq. A sergeant, he worked in intelligence overseas.

He misses his parents and three siblings, who support his decision to flee, but Glass says he will not go back to the U.S. if his claim is denied here.

"I guess I'll have to find out what I have to do then and start looking for other countries," he said.

Yeah, guy, I'm sure France would love to have you.

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