Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Follow the money

That could be a good answer to any number of reasons that politicians act the way they do. From Bush laying a buy on the illegals mess to the Libs kissing @ss on the lonatic fringe of their far left.

But I'm busy whith all these odd hours my job has right now, and between trying to catch up on sleep, getting banks unf*cked (don't try to put money in Bank of America checking with a Debit card from Woodfrest bank), and wasting time and gass driving to S.A. for nothing, and trying to do something with the yard.

I just got called in about 5 hours early for a load, and then have an 11PM Austin to do, too- so I'm not sure when I'll do anything worthwhile here for a awhile.

Happy Birthday Melissa! We'll get a card off as soon as we can, didn't realize the "actual" date.

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