Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm not a highly trained wordsmith

As anyone who reads this blog knows.
I DO know, however, that words mean things. Words describe things.
I'm just a crappy blogger who doesn't have the jornalism degree, or the vast resources to have an editor proof read a story.

I DO know the difference between a Zeppelin and a blimp.
I know they are not interchangable.

I know that to Al Reuters, they are one in the same.
I'm not surprised, really. Given the Legacy Medias' indifference to reporting the actual facts if it might counter their propiganda world view.
It's kind of like making the words Liberal and Communist interchangable, or linking Democrats and Socialists; which is much more accurate than making the link between Bush and the National Socialist party.

It's too early in the morning to get into the lack of ,,,,,,,, the last section, so I'll let you see what you think.
You have your marching orders. Go make your own mind up about Huey's crimefighting plan.

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