Saturday, June 04, 2005

Someone's been phishing in my e-mail

I'm sure all 3 of my returning my returning guests know this thing; but as a public service(and a posting topic)I thought I'd let you know the basics of "phishing".

The mail I gotlast week was that my Paypal had unusual activity on it, and check in to validate the activity. I sent a question back, and never got an answer. So today I got another one saying my account was going to be "secured" untill I could "validate" my account in the presonal action section. - - - Just be sure to click on the link.

I opened a new window and looked into my Paypal account- no problem.

I did, however find a section on e-mail spoofing or phishing as I learned it.

The basic thing to remember is to NEVER click on a link in e-mail if you have to give personal information. The legitimate businesses I don't think even offer a link.

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