Saturday, June 18, 2005

I'm starting to suffer a case of TMI - or "Browser Rage" anyway

I'm trying to talk myself into going to ZiPpo's Beer, boobs, toobs and toons blogfest up at Brewbraunfels (Tx). I want to go, and being as it IS a Texas blogfest I need to get the guns ready to go.

I was looking at my old .22 Marlin rifle, and couldn't find all the rear sights for it (it used to have 3 sizes of peep sites and a V-site).- it now has the one with the biggest opening. NOT good for impressing other bloggers with your shooting ability. So I was looking for sites to order online. Either I'm not looking for the right .22 Marlin model 80 DL, or I'm not typing the right thing.
All I want is a site that I can ORDER the things. I don't want forestocks, leaver action parts, scope mounts, rear stocks, firing pins, shotgun parts, etc. I want a f*cking rear site. I guess it's off to San Antonio, and gun shops, or Academy.

(Update 2:35PM My Marlin model 80 DL is so old that I apparently need to special order a rear sight. On the other hand, I did get the phone number for the treasurer of the Alamo Muzzle Loaders Club. So should be able to get a membership for their range in LaCoste. Not all was a waste.)

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