Thursday, June 23, 2005

Just some random thoughts, rants, and admissions

Apparently, over in San Antonio there is a bunch of grown men running around in a gymnasium in their underwear in some kind of championship. These overly tall men who put skill over racial equality make millions of dollars a year for playing a kids game.

I've got DirectTv, I'm getting really, REALLY tired of that damn commercial with the fat guy singing about his NFL Choice programming.

Is it me, or are they pushing alot of ugly (ok, women who aren't THAT beautiful)women on anything that has to do with the internet? Look at that blonde on hotmails dating ad( Crap, the head is three times as big as the body could support, and her face is at least a one bagger.

Have I mentioned my wife likes bad Science fiction? Now she's doing the "4400" thing.

Do you realise just how HARD it is to get the trash guys to throw away an old garbage can?

We (Me and my crew) cost our employer ALOT of money today. We had a bad transformer and replaced it. Two problems: half our crew was running late, and we had a floating outage on our minds. As we were raising the new transformer, I got called to the office to review some Gas paperwork. I forgot to tell "Mr. P." to check the nomenclature plate to be sure it was the right voltage. Mistake #1. It wasn't.
We forgot to turn off all the main breakers to the affected houses, Mistake #2.
The rest of the crew got there, hooked up the new transformer, and FRIED everything with a motor, transformer or circuit boards. Computers, Air Conditioners, TVs, DVDs, CD players, a garage recording studio. People were NOT happy.

On a political note.
The Dems are mad at the Bush=Hitler administration for noting their hypocracy, and naturally calling for resignations.
The only "Quagmire" I see anywhere near the Mid-East is KOSOVO- Sen. Kennedy, remember that?
Can you believe what the Supreme Court decided about private property rights(Eminent Domane)? Chee-it, stealing a persons property to let another PRIVATE entity make more money?
I'm STILL waiting for Bush to do something besides giving illegals a welcome mat.
Hey, Amnesty International- when are you going to protect me from being "tourtured" by all those young @ssholes I can hear over a quarter mile away?

Recreation wise.
Blogfest on the comal this weekend.
I need to scope out the Medina river, see if I can get a toobing thing going on from Castroville to LaCoste.
Need to get in touch with the Alamo Muzzleloaders Club, so maybe a blogfest can head further west, make Hondo a "Blogcenter"- or something.
Her dad and brother are comming from the UK, still need to make arraingements for a Javalina shoot.

Moer to come as I think of them.

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