Friday, June 10, 2005

More jobblogging

We thought we had the airport licked, but we had one new booster pump motor, I looked at the nomenclature plate. 240/480V- we got 480 CHECK; use the high side wiring diagram.

Start connecting wires, , , OOPS- there are 3 black wires and one red, which one is ground? since none are marked. Grab one of my crew and ohm it out- its a black one. Yeh, why do the logical thing like use the ODD wire for the ground?

I hooked the motor up, had both my electricians look at it, my boss checked it out- cool, turn it on!
Bump it to check the rotation, it's running backwards, so we swap a wire.

WTF??!??!! It just blew two fuses.
Ohm it out, no shorts. Swap the wires back and try again.
ALL THREE 20 amp fuses blew this time!

Got the guy who sold the water foreman this motor out to look. He said it's wired right, we swapped wires to the working motor- the problem isn't in the control panel.

We had another problem and our motor control expert was out near us, so he had a look- we had the motor wired WRONG. The 480v incoming gets dropped to 240v. (and YES we did look at the voltage across the motor contacts, exept I know I stopped checking when the volts got above 140; because HEY we've got the energy-- don't know about the others)

Ok, change wiring, and WALA! it works!!!!!

And the other water wells' over pressure problem was simply a bad sensor.

Great- The Outage problem seems to be fixed, both wells are working- the weather seems to be ok- Gawd I hope I can stay home this week-end.

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