Thursday, June 09, 2005

It would seem that Ex (and future) Prez candidate Kerry has signed his 180 form

I'm just seeing things in blogs, not in "real" papers, or most of the MSM. I have heard of his military record from that Boston paper, you know the Liberal version of Tass.

Several questions, if I may- not being a highly trained member of the MSM:

  • If Kerry really did let his ENTIRE record out, why is it only being selectivly being relesed by one paper?
  • Some of this record supposedly puts to rest the "Swift Boat Vets" accusations. Why wasn't that brought forward in the campagn?
  • What's with the two discharges? I only got one for each time I (re)enlisted.
  • did it take this long to get the Navy to clean up Kerrys record?
  • Is this really his entire military record? or just what he chooses to spoonfeed a friendly paper?

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