Sunday, February 20, 2005

We went looking at houses yesterday

And I can't say I'm really impresses with what we looked at.
There's not really alot for sale on the west/ southwest side of San Antonio. If you wanted to live in what would easily be described as either the "projects" or the barrio, you'd have more choices.

I don't want to live there.
We basically have it narrowed down to 3 places. Two are between Castroville and Hondo, and the other one is just north of Devine.
Bandera and Pipe Creek are too far north for both of us to drive daily.

The one at Devine is a Gov't forclosure, and basically needs to be rebuilt, but it's on almost 7 acres in good hog country- and we'd be able to shoot out in the back yard.

The two west of Castroville are in built-up areas, better for the girls; but so much for rifles- one I know is in a HOA and the other looks like its across the street from a golf course.

If we wanted to throw our money away we could get a house in Bexar Co.- but I don't want ANY of my money helping out those clowns on the S.A. city council. You step accross the Medina/ Bexar Co. line and the taxes double for the same house.

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