Monday, February 21, 2005

Ok, I'm surfing the web with the TV on for background noise

Listening to Monster Garage, as they "modify" a Model A (sob).
As that Pepto-Bismo commercial came on (stomachupset-heartburn-constipation-diarehah), I started thinking of other annoying/bad commercials.

  • That Mcdonalds rap radio commercial while I'm listening to country or talk radio, I always think of that as I go into their competition.
  • the SWBC/ SBC commercial- one is a telephone co. the other is a business services co. their phone numbers CAN't be that close. How can you OVERLOOK the "W" they're not even close in the phone book.
  • SBC again with their two dorks selling their cell phones.
Ok, they're arguing about upside-down intake gaskets, looks like it's getting interesting.

Have you got any favorite bad commercials?
Can't think of the rest

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