Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Dear President Bush,
Dear Vice President Cheney
Dear Senator Cornyn,
Dear Senator Hutchinson,
Dear Representative Paul,
Dear Representative Doggett

Hi, I'm just wondering if you and the rest of the Republicans are going to start actually acting like conservatives with this budget. I understand there are things that can't be forseen, like the cost of the War on Terror and such.

I don't mean that, I'm wondering if you have anyone on your staff who is actually going to READ the final spending bill- BEFORE -you vote on it?

Seems like everytime you people vote to approve the bill, and the President signs it, we hear about the boatloads of pork the nobody knew was in there- because nobody bothered to actully READ the thing. I'm sure you have an extra staffer, or intern just sitting around extra that you could get to maybe just skim the thing, and cull the pork for you.

If you want to explain more of the budget prosess, I'd love to post your response in my little bloglett where this letter is going. You can write to me, or respond in comments at A trainwreck in Maxwell

Thank you for your time,

P.S. Can I get a retirement plan like the one you have in D.C.?

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