Monday, February 07, 2005

San Antonio traffic update

Ok, I'm writing on Monday morning. It's raining here. Really raining. The Camino Real bridge over the Blanco river will be closed soon.

I just got back from signing todays timesheet; and listening to WOAI to and from San Antonio. They're only reporting the major wrecks today. The ones that have one or two lanes blocked on major throughfares (like I-10, I-35, the two loops), and there are more than several. I'd bet I got passed by a couple who are on the radio now, got passed on the way in- when I was going 10-20 MPH less than the speed limit.

You notice I didn't call them accidents. An accident is when something unforseen happens. A wreck happens when you are going 20 MPH faster than anyone else on the road- in blinding rain, on slick roads, and darting in and out of traffic- without (usually) turn signals. You deserve your increased premiums, and the ticket I hope you got for you stupidity. I just hope you didn't hurt anyone that was driving the right way.

You people in other states might need to know that in Texas, if you're over 18, or the graduate of a home drivers-ed class you only need to take a written test- no practical. We have a 16 yr-old who'll be taught at home, so we were looking at the
Tx DPS site to see what the requirements are.

They are basicaly 1) Do it at school 2) Private drivers school or 3) Parental drivers ed (with approved study courses).
I don't have a real problem with the concept, exept that the kids are going to be taught by someone who really doesn't have that great of a grasp on safe driving themselves, and/or just gundecks the classrom 32 hours so little Johhny and Jenny can get out on the road with their brand new Expedition.

The problem I have with the lack of practical road tests is also Mondo the Mujado who comes from that 3rd world country just south of us, and gets behing the wheel of a 3/4 ton dually only takes a written test (in spanish). No problem you say- exept that previously, the most advanced transportation he'd driven was a BURRO.

Yep, lets get those illegals a drivers license, they'll drive alot safer.

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