Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gone to Canada the saga continues. . .

I know if you're here then you've seen the "libs heading north" thing. Aren't they showing their 'racism' and 'intolerance' and not their vaunted 'appreciation of culture' by NOT heading south- to Mexico?
They worship the Mexican 'undocumented worker', and the culture they bring north.

I can think of at least two reasonsfor that, and they are:

  1. They're going to reinforce the earlier wave of draft-dodgers we sent in the 60's. The ones who've helped push Canada into the pro-French anti-anglo sphere.
  2. They like the wages and Gov't healthcare they have heard about (can't blame them for not wanting Mexican wages, healthcare or education)
OK, Mexico has some of the same opportunities as Canada, and even some moder, first world cities to live in in addition to some advantages nobody's mentioned.
- Mexico has a nice warm climate too boot.
-And a low cost of living.
-And a wonderfully diverse culture (we KNOW just how much Libs love diversity)
-Mexicans running everything- AND they don't have to fight us evil, cro-magnon red staters in order to get that happening- save alot of time).

Maybe they can head south and put their ideals into action.

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