Saturday, February 12, 2005

President Bush? I have a job related question.

I've been rained out quite a bit lately ( it's a good thing I'm guaranteed a 24hr/wk).
I was browsing jobs to see what else was out there that I might be interested in because frankly, I'm getting bored. If I'm rained out I can't do anything outside, or do any finish woodworking in the 100% humdity.

So I'm looking in Work in Texas and I saw this:
Carpenter - View Job Posting for Information - SAN ANTONIO, TX - $13.00 / hour - View Job Posting

The pay range for that Truss Builders job is from $9 - 13/hr.
That's what it was almost 20 years ago when I was a carpenter after getting out of the Navy.

The reason I mention this job, Mr President and all you other apologists for Illegals, is that you keep saying Americans can't or won't take these "low paying"jobs. 20 years at the same pay. If the illegals weren't keeping these wages so low- ALOT of Americans would be working there.

I like carpentry, I like to build things. I'm NOT going to do it for $9- $13/hr.
As far as migrant farmworkers- a machine can do what they do- and at a better cost (well,after it's cost-effective to build one, that is) and we taxpayers won't be required to provide free/lowcost food, lodging and healthcare.

Anyway Mr Bush, my question to you is are you going to do anything to try to slow or stop these lawbreakers from coming north?
Also, are you even going to mention to Vincente Fox that it was in bad taste for his government to print a "How To" book about breaking our imigration laws?

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