Monday, February 21, 2005

Over in the UK, they have a new TV show called Demolition

In it they ask for nominations for a building to be bulldozed to the ground.
(and rebuild in a new show next season-aren't Brit shows great?)
Well the townsfolk of Cumbernauld (Scotland?) heard about it and wanted the entire town demolished. (Registration required)
Here are the basics:

Town so ugly, residents want it demolished


Key points
• Cumbernauld locals nominate entire town to be razed as part TV series
• Despite being location of Scottish film Gregory’s Girl, town has few fans
• Response to suggestion mixed on town's streets; Channel 4 politely declined

Key quote
"It’s a bit further than we want to go for a programme" - Channel 4 spokesman

Story in full: POOR old Cumbernauld. The town with all the popular appeal of a Moscow suburb is under fire again but this time from within, according to Channel 4.

The station is making a four-part series Demolition, in which viewers nominate an "eyesore" building they want bulldozed.

Some residents of Cumbernauld have apparently demanded Channel 4 help raze their entire town to the ground.
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`Criticism of Cumbernauld, created in 1956 for the Glasgow "overspill", usually comes from outsiders.

Its stark architecture has few fans and it was described as one of the worst places to live in the UK. The Idler’s Book of Crap Towns said "town-planning students visit Cumbernauld to learn what not to do".

Before that, a business magazine awarded Cumbernauld the Carbuncle Award, bestowed annually on a town deemed to be a blot on the landscape.

The town centre was described as "a rabbit warren on stilts, a sprawling, angular concrete complex that is soulless, inaccessible, like something from Eastern Europe".
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But on the other hand-"It has not all been bad news for Cumbernauld. It was recently named as an official treasure of late 20th-century architecture by a United Nations heritage body. "

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