Friday, February 25, 2005

THIS goes to show just how good we have it here.

Ok, Lets look at some things logically. If we (the USA, Canada & Europe) had anywhere near as much to worry about as the second, or third world, we wouldn't be up in arms about what GUMMI BEARS look like, or alot of the hysterics from the left. If we didn't have it so good, we'd be worried about
  • a reliable supply of clean water,
  • steady electricity (sorry Cali. you made that problem- doesn't count),
  • mothers dying trying to deliver healthy childrem- not their right to kill them,
  • healthy children being born and living to adulthood.
  • being able to heat our hovel in sub-zero winter.
  • having reliable transportation- not gassing up a HUMMER.
Ok am I wrong? Have we as a First World country got it so good that we've forgotten that life can actually suck so bad that we don't worry about smelling second-hand smoke from a block away?

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