Sunday, February 27, 2005

Lets go nuke - and I've got an answer for the spent fuel!

I found a new blog, via Machias Privateer, she was talking about a mini nuke plant- seems as if I'd heard about it before, probably in Popular Mechanics?

It's a self contained safe nucleARrrr(Zippo) battery. Toshiba calls it a battery because there are no moving parts.

This new blog gives alot more information about it.

It seems alot safer than our old ones, and even my technically illiterate butt knows it'll be ALOT safer than the Russians'.
It's self contained and about as big as a water tower.
It would be a great thing for Cali, but the enviro wacos would rather see an entire mountain range full of ugly white windmills (that KILL birds) than neighborhood discrete powerplants.

Toshiba offered it to a small town in the Arctic Circle. All this small town of Galena, Alaska has to do is get the DoE to approve it- about 2 years of paperwork and fighting anti-everything envromentalists. Yes I know nothing's 'free" it's to show off the technology, ok.

The thing has an anticipated life of 30 years, and basically no maintenance, since it uses a non-pressurized liquid sodium cooling system, and a "mirror" array to keep the reaction going- something goes wrong, move a "mirror", it'll stop.

Oh, as for the nuclear waste, why not send it into the sun?
-Gets it to a place safe for us.
- The sun won't even feel it- since it'll vaporize long before it hits the surface.
-As an additional plus, since it'll be so comparativly mild, it(ANYTHING we shoot at the sun)will cool it down a little, and help reduce "Global Warming".

Gawd am I brilliant?

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