Wednesday, April 18, 2012

They don't have refrigerators in Chicago?

Or else Mooch is a really bad food shopper. -or their maid was a bad shopper....

Because id Barry ever wanted fresh fruit, he'd leave his car and take a subway to go to a store that had fresh fruit....or something.
Because taking one of your cars that two working adults had to go to work with would hurt Gaia (somehow) if you wanted a piece of fresh fruit and your wife was too  ...unhealthy to buy when she went food shopping- and you didn't have any fresh fruit in the refrigerator................

You know, I'm really into the meat and carbs thing- but even I have some kind of fresh fruit or veggies in the fridge.
It's probably destined for a side dish, or ingredient in my carnivorous diet, but you can still eat carrots raw.


  1. Maybe his Constitutional Law Degree didn't have a course in recognizing Veggies and Fruits?

    Maybe the definition of "is a fruit" is different in DaleyLand?

    Poor Mr. Man had to travel on dangerous public transportation without benefit of CCW to get an apple.

    sniff sniff

  2. There are four grocery stores within a few blocks of his house in Chicago.

  3. I call bullshit. It's not like he hasn't lied before to try and make himself look better.

  4. I buy fresh produce, then I let it sit in the fridge until it goes bad, then I throw it out.

    Never had to ride a subway to do that, though.