Thursday, August 11, 2011

So now we have a new debt committee

To replace the five that did nothing in the last three years.

We have six people who were fundamental in bringing this whole thing down on us.
And then we have six Republicans who are strong(ish) Tea Partyers.

So I guess that's a good reason for another poll of my astute readers.

What will the results be for Team Chapter 11? free polls
What will the newest Team Chapter 11 come up with for Americas financial future.
It'll be a stalemate.
Republicans want to STARVE old people and the needy!!!...AND blacks
They'll meet in private and talk about their squash scores at the exclusive Congerssional Club.
It'll end up like the dozens before them and offer some wishy-washy politalk It'll be forgotten about before the second week of november 2012 More taxes.

And as we all knew about the blow-out in the last poll- except for the two women and the Liberal who wanted HAL and the Kingfish--- Everyone with a pulse went for Kelly.
But as usual- you can still vote, but it doesn't count.

As an aside, I'm wondering if any bigger blogs might notice how accurate my dozen loyal readers are.

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  1. I think the Sooper-Dooper Debt Committee was designed to end up gridlocked. All we can do is draw some black humor from it as they sling mud, and the blame, at each other.