Friday, April 30, 2010

"Your papers! Please!"

I keep hearing those lies about Arizona's immigration reform measure.

I hear there are going to be a hyped number of rallies with a hyped number of participants protesting the law that mirrors the official one voted on by their teleprompter Jesus.

Anyway, if I was asked 'for my papers' I'd show them this:

And the trucks insurance card.

Karen- being a legal resident alien would need the above and....

Which she's required BY. FEDERAL. LAW. to carry whenever she's out in public, and to show the appropriate authorities when requested.

And you Union thugs In the National League who are threatening an AZ Diamondback boycott?
I haven't watched a Major League Baseball game since you cancelled the World Series...the FIRST time. Go f*cking piss up a rope.

Sing it Rodney

In honor of these brave women marching in Farmington.

That'll certainly help

The ever vigilant and legalistic administration of The Won is sending their lawyers down to N'awlins to "help" with getting things together in the spill response.

I've never been involved in a major disaster, but my knowledge of utility...problems tell me that with things being bad enough, and just accomplishing anything positive just got ten times harder.
Now instead of just coming up with a plan and doing it, they'll have to run it past a bunch of eggheads who have no clue about what they're being asked, except what they know about suing people on one side or the other- and make their decision that way.

You know what's *really* bad about this?

You know they weren't drunk because they're in the 'Stan:

Now, about that DaDT...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Don't WE have any say?

The Liberals in DC just voted to authorize a vote for statehood in the VERY anti-American, spanish speaking welfare protectorate of Puero Rico.

...And we don't even get a say in adding that PoS fourth world island to our fellowship of like minded states. What are we going to have? 50 stars and a dangling turd on the flag? Where are the other 6 states going to come from Barry?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If my life took a different track

...And I ended up in aviation, I'd want to be a Warthog driver.

Missed this the other day

I was in stationed in Rota, Spain when Chernobyl blew.

Where were you when you heard about it?

Of course we didn't hear about it when it happened, because the Soviet Union- being the most open and trustworthy government the world has ever known- didn't bother telling anyone until days later.

When other governments started noticing funny things happening on their radmeters.

Here's a good rundown of then and now by a Russian Girl who likes to ride her bike through the results.

She's in Russia (duh)- so sometimes her site is down, but when you get there be prepared to be entertainingly educated.

So tell me - Ed,,,

Where *did* that money you paid back your GM loan come from?

You've seen that commercial where Ed Witacker is bragging about GM paying back that loan?

What he's NOT saying is that it was profits that payed it off, but even MORE taxpayer money from his buddy Barry.

What? You though he got that cherry job because he supported McCain?

Dude, you're trying to get people to buy your stocks, too. Why should anyone think that the next time Obama wants to repay the UAW for voter fraud getting him elected- that he won't steel ANOTHER 70% of your property to give to them?

He did it once, why wouldn't he do it again?

OH....and when are we going to hear a widespread MSM outcry about the safety concerns of your steering just locking up? Much less a record fine from your owners at .gov?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've got it!!

We've got those self-important peacocks in DeeCee holding hearings and proposing all kinds of B.S. regulations to "Do Something!" about the last financial crash.

Maybe we should all start mailing them a letter saying something like:

Dear Congesscritter,

You're trying to get to the bottom of who is the real cause of our financial problems.
You're holding hearings and conducting investigations.

I can show you the *REAL* cause of most of Americas problems, please look at the enclosed- shiny side up.

The person you're supposed to represent,

Hondo, Tx

Then be sure to enclose a pocket mirror.

They're starting to realize something

It looks like the MSMs Golden Child is getting a bit tarnished.

The author of this AP article may be one of those unemployment statistics when the White House sees it.

She's worn out her desk top thesaurus in trying to skirt the concept that Obowma is lying to the American people. But they starting to notice a bit of green tinge on their lips when they get off their knees nowadays -and they may start wondering why.

Monday, April 26, 2010

So it was the confederate flag that tipped the scales?

Because we know that the "88" (for HH -Heil Hitler) Wouldn't antagonize ant muslems.
Hitler is as popular to them as Che is to the staff in the White House.

Lets decipher the rest of that coded message...

The number 88 stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet, H, doubled to signify "Heil Hitler," said CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper. "CV" stands for "Confederate veteran" -- the plate was a special model embossed with a Confederate flag, which Virginia makes available for a $10 fee to card-carrying members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And 14 is code for imprisoned white supremacist David Lane's 14-word motto: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

OR- could it be that they were offended (again) by the graphic on his tailgate?

The giveaway that something was amiss, Hooper said, was the truck itself. An enormous photo of the burning World Trade Center towers covers the entire tailgate, with the words: "Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11."

The way everyone is going out of their way to get offended, pretty soon they'll have to issue blank plates.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh! That's why

Someone in Russia clicked on my blog looking for bukkaki.

"Jeffery,,, come back"

See, I was enjoying this, when this caught my eye-

...And I couldn't help thinking of his nerdy brother:

This says it all

It explains why we have an entire government that feels free to do whatever they want to socialize America.

It's showing people old enough to join AARP talking about what they are going to do "when they grow up."
It's the whole "ME generation" personified. The same ones who probably elected what we have in DEE CEE now- the ones who operate on feelings rather than fact.
The ones who were telling each other at Berkley "Man, I have this Communist professor who really opened my eyes to the whole American Atrocity thing in Viet Nam,,,we need to do something to help those little brown people, man."

"Yeah man, we'll- like get some protests going, then we can walk away from S.E. Asia and let those little brown people get all copacetic with each other, man- them we'll spit on the returning service members and call them 'baby killers'."

"Cool man, them we can, like start questioning authority- man."

"Right man, and speaking "truth to power", man- it'll be groovy"

You know, in every other generation that actually contributed something positive to their country- they'd be acting their age...instead of their usual "ME" thing.

That's another reason I'll never send any of my money to AARP.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This weeks inner racist clip

Lifted from The same banned movie as the last one-

(Don't tell Obamas internet police I'm posting these)

You. Can't. Make. This. Up.

The unintentional hilarity of this picture from the O-bots at Yahoo! titled "Our Jesus takes a break- in the woods.

Here's some video of Michelle.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I feel this tonight

I could feel it before we got the weather warning...

Stampede on the Cimarron

By J. Frank Dobie
... The cattle and the night were so quiet that the two herders stopped now and again on their rounds to listen. They could not help expecting something. The air grew warmer and more stifling, as the lightning flashes approached and dim thunder began to rumble up. The men could still skylight the cattle.
Presently a dun steer that had been in the lead of the herd from the beginning and had been named Old Buck awoke, lifted his head slowly, rose to his knees, and looked around.
Apparently he did not trust the looks of things, but, being long experienced in life, wasn't startled, and he said nothing.
He got to his feet, raising his nose to smell, and gazed towards the approaching storm. The two men on guard sand as gently as they could th songs they had sung over and over to sooth the cattle down and prevent any sudden sound from breaking in and frightening them.

But Old Buck had no idea of going back to bed. He seemed to be expecting something--something as sudden as a telegram used to be. Another steer got up, stood still, expectant; then others and others until the whole herd was on it's feet, motionless. The songs grew louder now, unrelenting, pleading.

The night grew blacker, the lightning brighter, the humidity of the air heavier. And then, almost at once, on every tip of the five thousand horns of the waiting steers, appeared a ball of dull phosphorescent light-- the foxfire, St, Elmo's fire, will-o-the-wisp of the folklore of the world. In the intervals of utter blackness the two guards on the lone prairie could see nothing but those eerie balls pulsing on the tips of long curved horns. But the guards were not thinking of ghosts or remembering ghost stories now. Their voices rose high in the wild but cow-quieting notes of "The Texas Lullaby", which is not made of words and cannot be conveyed by musical notation. It is made of syllables and tones conveyable only by voices trained in darkness and deep thickets. The notes cime long, low and trenbly. The wailers of "The Texas Lullaby" did not yell or shoot; as men who savvied the cow, they would not scare the as yet still cattle.
The ghostly balls of fire on horns must have looked as strange to the steers as to the men. The steers began to move at a walk, their motion becoming circular, the riders around them preventing any decided movement away from the bed ground. At first the walk was slow; soon it became faster. And then out of blackness came a great flash of zigzag lightning forking down over the seething mass of animals, so close that darting tongues of flame seemed almost to lick their backs. At the same time a mighty clap of thunder shook heaven and earth, reverberating and doubling.

It's answer was the thunder of ten thousand pounding hooves that popped ans clicked, while horn clacked against horn. The stampede started with the swiftness of the lightning's leap.

All hands in camp had mounted at the first salvo from the skies; they reached the herd in time to join the pursuit. The gigantic thunderbolt had knocked out the sluice gates of the sky. The water poured down in sheets and barrels. It rained blue snakes, pitchforks and bobtailed heifer yearlings all at once. One minute it was darker than the dead end of a crooked tunnel a mile deep under a mountain. Then the prairie was a sea of blue and yellow light dazzling to all eyes.

That's the kind of storm I'm expecting tonight.

BTW...want me to finish that chapter?


0105 HOURS- marble sized hail is *REALLY* loud on a metal roof. It scares dogs, too.

Driving jobs availble

It looks like there may be some OTR driving jobs in Arizona soon.

Their Governor showed more balls than the entire U.S congress when she signed Arizona's new illegal immigrant reduction act today.

But, as usual, some aren't happy about it and in the usual liberal way- are going to throw a temper tantrum.
Yes, there will be a Mexican/Mexican-American truckers boycott.

I can see three things from this:
  1. Drivers will be able to listen to channel 40 and hear some English spoken.
  2. In this bad economy- there'll be O/O jobs available.
  3. People will notice this just like they noticed those 'we'll shut down America by not showing up for our under-the-table-jobs' protests.

It's for science, ladies

...And real science at that.
Not that 'fake-but-accurate' AGW pier* approved Barbra Streisand UN Climate paper stuff either.

This Monday is what the 'real' scientists call proving your theory.

It's your mission ladies, to prove that Iranian cleric wrong about the causes of earthquakes.
Go here and sign up to do your part to prove Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi wrong about the true cause of earthquakes.

Naturally photographic documentation would greatly assist in quantifying results.
That would be

Thank you for your participation in this great scientific experiment.

*No, it's not 'peer' approved because most real scientists would have thrown it out for bad science.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy earth day!

To all of you hippies that want us to return to the 19th century.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SIR, I respectfully disagree-Sir!

As far as I know, Sir- school lunches are about as healthy now as they were when I went to school. Actually, they're probably healthier.

Your report that school lunches are a threat to national security....Why all of a sudden is 'everything' a threat to national security? ...I think is a little off the mark, Sir.

If I remember my history correctly- Sir:

In the depression (the first one, not this one) students were lucky to be able to bring an onion and butter sandwich to school: and they were taught much harder subjects than today.

In the '80s- the cry was to 'buy them breakfast' because somehow being hungry made their grades worse.
We bought them breakfast and lunch- their parents got food stamps, WIK, AFDC and all tho other .gov goodies,,,and they STILL couldn't pass.

So instead of skinny educated kids of the Depression- we got fat stupid kids of the Clinton era.

NOW Sir- You are saying that the school lunches are the main problem in recruitment because your targets potential service members are too fat?

Don't you think that a lot of THAT problem is from them just sitting on their @ss all day long...Sir? Instead of actually getting up and 'doing something' physical?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Good frigging Gawd...

Apparently, there's going to be a strike by -from what New Yawkahs say- the most important people in their lives. Aside, maybe, from their immediate family.

What exactly does a Doorman do, anyway? From what I can tell, they're a combination of maid, janitor and greeter. OH and security- because we're afraid of guns.

I guess us in this backwards flyover country just can't understand why someone without some kind of specific job skill can pull down $70K/year with bennies. I could live nicely on that- AND I'd be in the A/C in summer and the warm building in the dead of winter.

Dude! The management companies are handing out 45 page self help books on how to cope without your apartment nanny. BUT being the stalwart, self reliant people who reliably vote Democrat- they have volunteer sign up sheet to help their building and her residents cope.

Most are still empty of volunteers.

“The whole operation of the building would basically be shut down and we’d rely on residents to pitch in just to get by,” said Dan Wurtzel, president of Cooper Square Realty, one of the largest residential management companies in the New York. “There’s a tremendous amount of preparation we have to undertake. Then, if it doesn’t happen, we can breathe a sign of relief. If it does happen, then we’re prepared to deal with it.”

Many buildings have also posted sign-up sheets for residents to volunteer to watch the front doors, clean hallways and take out garbage, though the forms in the lobbies of a handful of Upper East Side buildings remained mostly blank on Sunday afternoon.

Because aren't we all believers in an entitlement mentality?

Harold Gerber, who runs a real estate business and has lived in his co-op on East 75th Street for more than two decades, said he was already worried about security, and grumbled at the prospect of hauling his own trash. “It will affect us tremendously,” he said.

Sitemeter problems?

Is Sitemeter having problems of some kind, or am I banned on Google for not adoring our Teleprompter Messiah enough?


Monday, April 19, 2010


I didn't think of that.
Guess I should have measured first.

Oh, well- I guess it's good that I have a wood work bench.

...And that I know Mr. Inclined Plane is your friend.

Now, what should I turn this into?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slick Willy is worried

He told us that Friday.
He's worried about the anti-government rhetoric that could have severe consequences on our way of life.

OK, Slick- do you mean these mostly white middle aged crowds?

OR these mostly white middle aged crowds?

OR these mostly white crowds?
I know which bunch I'd hope my daughter's car broke down in front of, but Chelsea can handle herself- right?

No connection at all

I don't see any connection at all here.

The fact that Russia has been invading British airspace since January 2009 probably has nothing to do with Nevill Obama's 'Smart power' plan.

I mean, it's just a co-incidence that the world biggest woos got elected and Putin decided to go back to his roots.

Like it has nothing to do with Obowma dissing Iseal and the Pallies rioting and getting SCUD missiles from Syria.

Nothing's connected at all.

Two thousand words

Obowma's Mideast policy

Any questions?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Embracing my inner racist

Now that the Lamestream media has uncovered our hidden racism last Thursday, I guess it's ok to let loose with a banned clip:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Name that movie

"I got my orders, we're bombing Drambuie,"

"We're going in at 1800 hours, flying in from the north under their radar."

"When will you be back?"

"I can't tell you that, it's top secret."



"well I guess I'll have to pick up a copy of the NYT."

OK, that last part wasn't part of the script, but- you know...

It didn't do Pompeii much good


I saw this article about the hazards of volcanic ash and just couldn't help it.