Thursday, August 09, 2012

One last thought about the douche-bag Adam Smith

Then hopefully we can forget about him...except for the Google machine and his future employers.

Anyone who makes an "apology" video and spends 7 minutes lecturing you is still a douche.

Can you imagine going to work on your first day of a job and seeing that prick as your boss? I'd think about quitting right there on the spot.

1 comment:

  1. Ah hell of a way to expend your 15 minutes of fame, aint it?

    What's amazing is his lack of self-awareness. It struck me that he whined a number of times about his workplace and family getting flamed because of his actions, and it never once seemed to cross his mind that his 'activism" was exactly the same.

    Had he connected the dots maybe his so-called apology wouldn't have seemed so pro forma; but, with all his self-righteous blathering about the rightness of his cause, I never got the feeling that he really understood what a douche nozzle he came across as being.