Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stupidity leading to overtime

So we were supposed to be getting a delivery of 6" PVC conduit this morning.
I got called to come to the yard and wait to offload the trailer because the ruck was just clearing the commercial vehicle inspection ---on a Federal Military installation.

So I go back and get the forks on the backhoe and wait...

...and wait

...and wait

...and grease the machine

...and wait (and punch out for lunch [at 8:30AM because the Ferderal beareaucrats say we HAVE to take lunch so we now have to spend an extra 30 min working in the heat])

...Until I call the boss (who's supposed to be escorting him to the yard) and find out that he's through inspection, but still sitting at the inspection yard.

..."Just wait there till he decides to move and I'll call you".

..."F*ck it- he's still sitting there, go back to work and when he's had his nap, we'll unload it".

Somewhere around 1:30 (1330 for you military types) Boss tells me that they're sending another driver who'll get here about 4- 4:30...BTW, when is your 40 up?
--At 4:30, or 4:15 depending how you look at that :09 on Sat.
--Um, why are they sending another driver?
...That dumb-ass got busted for drugs when they checked his truck.
--NO! He knew hes was coming onto Lackland the sekrit .GOV installation, and didn't drop them off somewhere? Gawd what a dumb-ass, now he's looking at Federal problems.

So I spent over 13 hours at work, but only got paid for 12.75 because bureaucrats just HAVE to micro-manages adult workers.
I ended up with 42 hours, and am off tomorrow.

NOW, as a PSA to all you non-driving plodders.
When you're driving west on HWY 90 in TX and the sun is  in your eyes- get in the FARGING granny lane if you want to go under 75 MPH.
Don't sit in the hammer lane and pace the RV going 65- it pisses people off (really).
Then they'll tailgate you until you come onto a nice long left turn cutout and pass your slow-ass there--kicking up grass and gravel as they do.

-I'm going to try that next time ;-)


  1. When you finally can pass, they continue their cell phone conversation, speed up and you realize you're going 80 mph trying to pass them and allow the traffic behind to pass.

    Some days require a switch that turns off dumb driver's ignitions and cell phones.

  2. Any chance you can grab some scrap 6" pvc? I'm building some wind generators and need some for the blades.

  3. Funny. On I-45 the 75 limit is routinely ignored but in the other direction on the guage. Which is also funny in that the smokies love I-45 between the Armpit and Big D. And it's a popular smuggling route as well which makes for some interesting scenery as 5 squads of troops including hounds are ripping apart the 85mph knuckleheads' Escalades. Seen it many times.

    Robert PS I have no idea what all the "profiles" to select from mean in order to publish. Just too old I guess.