Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane Isaac on track to N'awlins?

This ought to be interesting.

Now we'll be able to see just how well a 'chocolate' president can take care of a 'chocolate' city.

Because, naturally a Democrat will be sure to make FEMA perform miracles for the .GOV dependents who reside on the dole and depend on Democrats to take care of their every need.

Good thing 0bama doesn't hate blacks.

Can't he just use his godlike powers to like....reduce the rise of the oceans until Isaac is done?


  1. Mayor of NOLA is white, and the LA Governor is from India, so it won't be the same sort of incompetent screwup as last time. And even if it was, the MSM would find a way to spin it just the opposite of Katrina, with mayor and governor getting all the blame while Teleprompter Jesus walks away untarnished.

  2. If wouldn't matter if FEMA intentionally killed all the chocolate people on the gulf coast. The Lap dog media would still talk about how Obama's performance was better than Bush's and that will be the new mantra going into the election. Free and willing media is hard to beat and it doesn't matter what the truth is.