Friday, August 10, 2012

Jumping in feet first

From that brand new railroad trestle.

The TX DMV is going to  stop using paper titles sometime next year.
They'll ALL be recorded on computers...somewhere.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles has begun the process of replacing paper titles with ‘e-Titles,’ which will help motor vehicle owners keep track of their titles and make it harder for crooks to counterfeit titles.

  The e-Title system is expected to launch by fall of next year.

Ok, so how will this work when the inevitable h4x9r decides to play inside the DMV computers?
What about the entire system crashing?
“As we built out our new automation system, we will be able to sue your Texas Department of Public Safety driver license number as your unique identifier to make sure we find all the vehicles in the DMV motor vehicle database that are under your name,” said Randy Elliston, who heads Titles and Registration at the DMV.

Can I print my own title?
What about buying a used car? How do I know their title is good?


  1. No good will come from this.

  2. This actually makes sense. All paper is assumed to be fake and is accepted only as long as it is not challenged. When it is challenged, you take it to a higher authority for authentication. That higher authority is already the records (digital or paper) at the official record keep (the state office). by eliminating the paper, you are just making things more efficient. The problems you think will exist are just because you have thought this through. When you buy a used car, you still have to register the title at the DMV. Your paper that you got from the seller is not a real title, It is just paper. If the DMV disputes your claim, guess who wins?

    So, no change. The record at the DMV is all that ever really mattered. having a digital record is better than a paper one. Less chance of it getting lost or destroyed in a fore. Easier to make backup copies in distributed locations. Better all around.

  3. So Prof-
    I hand the guy that I don't know a wad of dead Presidents and get a bill of sale and his promise that the title will be in his name at the DMV?

    No, I can't see anyone scamming THAT system.