Friday, August 03, 2012

The Jihadi Hasan had another day in court yesterday

He still had the illegal beard that he was ordered to shave off last time -and was fined another $1000 for disobeying a direct order.

I knew he was going to use that moslim Bravo Sierra about having a beard when I first heard about it. Now the Judge is going to forcibly have Jihadi Hasan shaved if he doesn't do it himself.

Who wants to bet that when that happens- everything will break loose that the PC crowd has been trying to keep under wraps since Hasan was a Lt. (or Capt,,,,) and the Army will be charged with violating the tenants of Islam for making the terrorist Hasan ...shave.

Like he had no problem doing until that religious fever hit him.


  1. I've wondered if there has been any investigation into the psychiatric patients that this guy "treated" while on active duty. Did he recruit more terrorists for one, but did he dress down a soldier for not being properly shaved or presentable? And when will the Jihadi crew in the middle east demand his release? Just questions.

  2. It doesn't matter what the PC folks want in this case. Remember, you aren't dishonorably discharged until you serve your sentence. And you continue to draw pay and allowances until convicted. The brig also provides health and comfort items while you are there.

  3. The entire trial, and waste of money, is nothing but politically correct clowns bowing to the media.

    Execute the bastard, hang his head on the gate at Fort Hood and allow the buzzards to eat his lard smeared body.

  4. It's a damned shame those two civilian police officers didn't shoot a few more times.