Friday, August 31, 2012

Why are we still wasting our tax dollars on the TSA?

The hugely intrusive and bungling bureaucracy that hasn't stopped a terrorist in over ten years now can't tell if a passport was expired a year ago.

An American passport.  (caution, video auto starts when you get there)

And we're paying HOW much for these people?
AND they want to expand into every part of our lives????


  1. My cynical side says it's because gov unions get more money and it "acclimates" the population to government thugs violating them.

  2. For the same reason they waste our tax dollars on everything else the govt does... they can. The people who are doing this get righer every year no matter what happens to the rest of the economy.

  3. I think we should send them to the US-Mexican border. They would annoy the illegals so much that some of them would stay home.

  4. Years ago I did that. Jumped on a plane to Hong Kong, the agent at Pan Am never said a word to me, and there was no real security in those days, so I didn't notice until I was filling out the landing cards for immigration and customs. OOPS! They "arrested" me after a long interview and released me to my own hotel, but I had to show up at the US Consulate by 10:00 am the next morning or I was going to prison in Hong Kong, which didn't sound super fun. It all turned out okay, but I learned a big lesson that the rest of the world takes their country's laws seriously. Only here can you blithely get away with ignoring immigration laws.

    And Odysseus, I'm with you. The TSA is about "normalizing" the police state and reducing our own belief in the limitations of government. We don't really believe we have any power to say No anymore.

    1. P.S. The lady in the video is from my neck of the woods.