Tuesday, August 07, 2012

So, Harry Reid is still flogging the romney tax horse?

Ok, instead of that whole "Harry Reid is a child molester" thing- lets get some real news going.

How about the Federal employees (including some on Harries staff) who owe a collective $3.4 Billion in back taxes- as of two years ago, and I don't think it's better now.


Maybe mention that if Romney's tax problem prevents him from being President- that being the heat of the Treasury would work, since it's some kind of requirement in the Obama administration....


  1. If Harry Reid is pi$$ing off the right wing, he must be doing something right.

    If Mitt Romney had taken the birthers to task for four years of wild unsupported claims about the Kenyan Muslim usurper Obama, he might have the moral standing to dispute Harry Reid.

    He didn't then, so now he doesn't now. George W. Bush, who couldn't even produce his own discharge, allowed the swiftboaters to suggest that Kerry's decorated combat service was somehow not as honorable as GWB's reserve duty. What goes around and so forth.

    I wish I could bottle me some Mitt Romney whining and crack a cold one every time he starts up again.

    Only a wimp laughs off insults. A real man who wants to be president whines endlessly.

    (Disclaimer. I am a US Army veteran E-5, and I have been insulted by experts. Your patriotism and skin thickness may vary.)

  2. Dude, calm down.
    Romney wasn't the republican nominee four years ago, so why should he have taken on the birthers?
    Why did 0bama get a pass on taking on the Palin haters(just like everything else)?

    W. *DID* supply his DD214, but I guess history is malleable when your world view changes with every talking point out of the DNC.

    Well, anyone can claim anything they want- it only happened if you have pics (or paperwork).