Saturday, August 04, 2012

The douchbag Adam Smith made another video

In this one, he tries in his Morally superior way -to apologize to Rachel (the victim of his self righteous wrath).

He still has that entire Liberal lack of awareness in his tunnel vision about Conservatives.
You watch and decide:

Does this kind of remind you of when Hillary! was First lady and discovered that her janitor (or maintenance guy- whatever) was a human being like herself, and had plans for the future?

Do you think he supports the PLO freedom armada?
What about CAIR?

Do you think he's still a dooshnozzle?


  1. He's a lying SOS. He's sorry, because he got fired. He said he was straight, but strange that he has a lisp at first.

  2. He's douche and the only reason he's trying a backhanded backpedal is because he found out that there are consequences to your actions (as there should be). And the clue-bus still hasn't stopped in his neighborhood.


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