Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have a project going on in west TX

I was going to mention the city, but there's not much going on there, so someone could easily connect this blog to the company.

Anyway, this largish city in south west Texas isn't -as far as I know- a hub of anything, much less an oil hub ,,,yet this isolated city has gas prices below San Antonio and surrounding areas.

Now we're on day 83 of the blow-out and like day 45 of Prez Kickass' complete ban on any drilling in American territorial waters.
Now, as long as I've been aware of gas prices- my entire adult life, every time there's an interruption, or possible interruption of supply- - -the Exxon Valdez, troubles in the mid-east, a pipeline blow-out,we're paying more because of the changeover to winter blend, we're changing over to summer blend, Abdullah's camel didn't fart right--- gas has gone up by a quarter in a week.

BUT, Captain GreenPeace has shut down almost a third of our domestic oil supply and gas is holding steady, or even dropping.

Why? I don't remember gas prices holding steady when the bottom fell out after the economy cratered after 9-11. In the past thirty years, every time a camel sneezed, the gas prices spiked up.

Am I going to have to mark my post as another "Can I call them, or what?" label and drag it up on Nov. 3rd when the Dems get voted out en-mass and gas hits $5/gal when the Republicans take over in Jan.? Because that's all I can see is the same Big Oil that shovelled money into 0bama's campaign holding back their prices to help save as many Dems as possible.

Hey BP, how's that crapload of money you sent to the DNC helping your company now?

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  1. No Sh** But I wonder if it's a plan by big oil NOT to give the demorats another target? Wall street and anyone who happens to be "So called" Rich, are liberpuke targets these days.

    IF gas prices jumped, demonrats would be yelling about the Republicans causing it because they don't want to use unicorn power which plays into the obamamao green agenda...

    I think they are taking a hit until november