Monday, July 12, 2010

I just turned off the local TeeWee news

They were having a promo for their local *CRIMESTOPPERS!!!!ONE!!!* production.

In which they decided to go manno a manno reporter-a-miscreant on why they're driving with a revoked drivers licence.

If I were stupid enough to get my CDL yanked and a TeeWee reporter from CH-4 WOAI came up to me to get into my face about driving with a revoked licence, I'd just have to ask,,, "Why is driving undocumented so much worse than being an undocumented alien?...You HATER!"

Because, you know...'nobody is illegal!- why are you targeting ME? Because you want to make an example of me!!???!!!! HELP! They're violating my civil rights to drive as I want, wether I have documentation or not.....NOBODY IS ILLEGAL!!!!eleven!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Driver's license -- heck try being caught with an expired Concealed Handgun License

    We would be on the local Police Department's top 10 list in a heart beat