Monday, July 19, 2010

Dood! They're crying!

I'm watching James May's 'Toy stories'- in which Captain Slow of 'Top Gear' fame makes toys of Olde England relevant today.

I only found out that the famed 'plasticine porters' of a certain Beatles hit were not some Lladro-like figures, but made of Play-do.

Now, he's got engineering students making a full size bridge out of their version of an Erector set.
They made it in their lab, and in setting it up, the mild steel started to bend,,, and showed the legendary British 'stiff upper lip' has bypassed this generation of guys (the girls swore and the guys started crying)- so they had to rebuild it.

And yes, captain Slow walked across some famous canal in Liverpool via a child's intellectual toy.

BTW...what's up with the Kindle ad and the blonde babe who's no longer going through her adventures?

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  1. Dude! I just watched that show too! Ah, the wonders of cable (or satellite, but it's all the same to me).