Friday, July 16, 2010

Missing some of your favorite blogs?

If they were on WordPress you probably are, because the (TM)Most open and ethical administration in the world(TM) 2.0 has declared WP an enemy of the State.

It's not the blogs so much as that some other site they hosted let users see material that Obamas Liberal supporters wanted a pay-per-use fee. That they weren't getting, so....

The administration that we've come to know as straight laced and non politically motivated has decided that censorship is the best policy. Boy, those Rovian mind rays are powerful, aren't they?


  1. yep saw this one coming a while ago. Blogger will be next, they are already very quick to pull the trigger on "Non-Liberpuke" thoughts...

    Personally I thought GWB and Co. were going to do it first...

  2. That BusHitler thing was way overblown and I think Bush actually tried to do what was best for the country.
    Obama is nothing but a communist who's looking at the Hugo Chavez model of dictatorship.

  3. It'll be interesting to find out why the bloggy genocide occurred. There's something more to it than being reported.
    Honestly, if El Douch'e wanted to nuke blogs, wouldn't he go after yours, mine, and the thousands of others like ours first?
    Something missing...

  4. And he'd have to go through Godaddy to kill my website.

  5. Kurt, I believe GWB did try to do what was best for the country too.. I just believe he was duped into compromising his conservative values and that got us into the mess we are in...

    I mean after 9-11 and the years after, he had an opportunity to shut down some stuff under the guise of Homeland sec. He didn't. Obama on the other hand, has been DEATH to the freedoms of our nation. REALLY. And what's funny is the liberpukes are silent about it...All the crying and screaming about bush/hitler over the patriot act, Obama signs it again and chirp chirp....