Tuesday, July 06, 2010

And what do you take awy from this?

Class, this will be testable.
Read this article thoroughly, and tell us

1- What was the icon they were trying to ban.
2- Aside from being a Liberal Asstard, what were you trying to teach the kids? That is OK to put someone out of business 'for the children' because YOU don't like what they're legally able to do?

I mean, we're going to send the kids up to speechify about ,,,something still not pictured in the article...that's harmful to kids? But we know it's so stupid that we don't even tell what IT is?

Kind of like 'smokefree San Antonio' that wan'ts to ban a legal product because we don't like it.

As I heard on a local rock station on Sun AM on the way to get the weeks grorceries....
'we have statistics and stuff' anyone who doesn't want a blanket ban on smoking is a NAZI, but we don't call them that.

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