Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Public safety and the right to say no

Apparently the San Antonio airport is getting the high tech version of X-ray glasses (yes you CAN see through her clothes!!!).

My back-up station KTSA55AM was having a little discussion about them.
I seems that the pervs at the TSA wherever this unattended 14 year old girl was forced her to go through that backscatter X-ray machine where she was promptly patted down. Not so surprisingly, mom had a problem with this.
After contacting the TSA bureaucracy, she was basically told to get over it because it was random.

I don't fly. Firstly because I don't have to, secondly if it's anywhere within about a five hour drive- I can get there in about the same amount of time with A LOT less hassles, and it's cheaper.

...Oh yeah, mom was also told that it was random under the local airports security detail.

NOW, what I'm getting to is this.
These new backscatter machines are supposedly random as decided by the local boss.
You can use it or get felt up.
If there were a way to connect the names (if they keep the randomly selected) and you could connect them with faces....what do you think the ratio of hot babes selected VS wrinkled grannies or hairy guys will show?

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  1. I'll take the pat down every stinking time from now on.
    No point in scaring the living shit out of some dumbass TSA spare.