Sunday, July 18, 2010

But....they got what they wanted

As a matter of fact, Mort Zuckerman, Babs Streisand and the rest of the Leftist Hollywood Liberals have been fighting for this exact thing for the last forty years.

Now that Prez Kickass is delivering on the complete state takeover of every private enterprise they can think of-they are starting to get a clue. It's not that their belief system is changing so much. but that it's THEIR pocket that's going to be taking a hit.

Even Mort Zuckerman, who wrote the TelePrompTer Readers speeches, sounds like an eevil conservative fat cat businessman.

He's even unintentionally agreeing with Bush in his thoughts on Fanny Mac:
but most glaringly in forcing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration to back loans to people who could not afford them. And not to mention the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which in 2004 sanctioned higher levels of leverage for financial firms, from 12 times equity to over 30 times equity.

If the O-man keeps up, his Liberal base might even want to reform Social Security.

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